Three of our group members have participated in this year’s APS March Meeting.

Marina Kudra introduced her work “Generating nonclassical states for continuous-variable quantum computation using Photon-Number Selective Phase Gates and Displacements”, Marco Scigliuzzo introduced “Probing nonlinear photon scattering with artificial atoms coupled to a slow-light waveguide” and Aamir Ali talked about some of his results during his work in his previous team “Measurement of the electronic heat capacity of graphene”.

Marina’s presentation was related to the experimental exploration of the use of Photon-Number Selective Phase (SNAP) gates and displacements to generate Wigner-negative states useful for continuous variable quantum computing.

Marco demonstrated the excitation of atom-photon bound states through a nonlinear process. For this, he used a slow-light waveguide composed of an array of compact, high-impedance superconducting resonators and two transmon qubits coupled to it.

Aamir’s presentation focused on the development of an electronic calorimeter combining a Johnson-noise thermometer with a novel optical heater operating in the low terahertz frequency. He demonstrated the first ever measurement of electronic specific heat of graphene.