We have been working on a fully integrated, digital microwave platform called Presto, based on third-generation radio-frequency system on a chip (RFSoC).

Presto utilizes direct digital synthesis (DDS) to synthesize microwave pulses in the 4-8 GHz frequency band relevant for quantum computing applications.

In this preprint we introduce Presto and demonstrate its capabilities when connected to a two-qubit, superconducting quantum processing unit (QPU).

Our work is one of the first demonstrations of the use of DDS in a fully-integrated system to measure and control superconducting qubits with state-of-the-art performance.

A collaboration between the 202Q-lab, David Haviland’s group at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Intermodulation Products, a company, and our colleagues of the Quantum Technology division at MC2.