The aim of this graduate course is to give the participants a hands-on experience of quantum technology experiments.

By performing different experiments at the Swedish universities participating in WACQT, the students will also get an overview of the quantum technology research performed in Sweden and establish valuable contacts with colleagues working in the field. This course was first delivered in September – December 2019, please find more details here. It comprised four experimental sessions at Lund, Linköping, KTH, and Chalmers.

The Chalmers session, Quantum Information in Superconducting Circuits, was co-organized by Simone Gasparinetti and Jonas Bylander. After an introductory lecture, the hands-on session consisted in measurement and control of a superconducting qubit via microwave pulses. The students set up dispersive qubit readout and performed characterization measurements such as Rabi, Ramsey, and T1. The session was attended by 23 WACQT students and 3 independent experimental setups were made simultaneously available.

We plan to offer the course again in Fall 2021, an announcement will come soon.