Chalmers, via 202Q-lab on the experimental side and Giulia Ferrini on theory,  is one of four European partners in the four-year project named VeriQuB, funded by the European Union through the EIC Pathfinder programme.

The aim of the project is to demonstrate and verify quantum advantage in bosonic quantum computing architectures based on superconducting circuits.

The experimental work lead by Simone Gasparinetti and Axel Eriksson will focus on realizing the planar superconducting resonators and coupler that will serve as the basic building blocks in the bosonic quantum computing architecture.

Axel is quoted in WACQT Newsletter #12 2023 explaining:

We aim for six resonators with high connectivity between all of them. The challenge is to reliably produce large non-classical states and to create a highly entangled system via the coupler.”


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