Simone has been awarded a Starting Grant from the European Research Council (ERC).

The funded project, entitled “Experimental Search for Quantum Advantages in Thermodynamics” (ESQuAT), will start on January 2023 and run for 5 years.

Simone says: “We will find out whether, and how, the laws of quantum mechanics can be harnessed to gain an advantage in the performance of an engine, or the charging time of a battery. In addition, the quantum thermal machines that we will develop are seamlessly compatible with quantum information processing units. Therefore, they may be used to carry out tasks such as energy-efficient reset of quantum bits or autonomous stabilization of quantum states.”

And: “This grant presents me with a nice opportunity to carry out fundamental research complementary to the more applied one that my group is pursuing in the context of WACQT and other EU-funded projects.”

News coverage from Chalmers website is available here.